About Faari

Faari AkinolaWelcome to my Visible Life!

I am  Abisoye Akinola but I christened myself Faari which by the way means elegance in the Yoruba Language.

By day, I work as an IT Projects officer in one of Nigeria’s foremost FMCG , by night, I am work in progress, A woman of many talents and yes I am MAKING money this year! (in Jaywon’s voice)

I have at the age of 31 become tired of the things I wished to do and didn’t do!

The list of my ordinary inspirations that sprung in my mind and disappearing as fast as they came was growing bottomless.

I leverage my love for learning and mastery of online technology to facilitate visibility for professionals . I help professionals become positioned  online and become brands that are likeable, trustable and memorable in order to harness the opportunities of being Visible Experts in their chosen niche.

Join me on a journey of self discovery and living deliberately in an attempt to creating the brand that I am, sharing tips and creating content about my inspirations.

Am excited about this journey and I would love that you come along…Join my mailing list .