About Me

Hi! I am Faari Akinola.I teach professionals how to confidently capture their awesomeness to attract the kind of opportunities they desire (right fit jobs, meeting great people and positioning yourself for promotions and better earnings).

I know you are not where you want to be professionally and you feel stuck!IMG-20160119-WA014_1

You are not alone…I know what stuck is and it sucks!

With loads of professionals who are equally qualified seeking the same opportunities as you, the competition is fierce.

You have been told you can only stand out by knowing your Value Proposition!

So what is your value proposition?

Big English!

“Your value proposition is You with all the great work you already do and putting a heart to it! “
You just have to be aware of it to show it!

So You want to do something about it?

Let’s get you started…

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