Say it fast, make it Last!

Hello Friends,

Ok still on the subject of online branding and web presence, we can hide behind our devices, what are you doing off line to be memorable?

Two Saturdays ago, I was at an event –  The Pastor Bimbo Odukoya Foundation’s Partners’ Day. The PBO Foundation has a mission to protect the rights of women and the girl child, rescuing them from all forms of abuse and empowering them to attain to their full potential.

I posted pictures on my Instagram page. I volunteer my IT and design skills to help tell the stories of the victims turned survivors. It’s been an awesome experience meeting these women.

While at the event, the coordinator of the PBOF introduced me to a couple of partners as the newest volunteer team member and as I flashed my tooth, giving my politest smiles, PS; I laugh loudly so I was being deliberate and courteous.

I had a couple of partners ask me… ‘So what do you do’?

There wasn’t enough time to start giving a long speech of how I believed every professional should see himself as a service provider and have adequate web presence because first impressions have gone digital; or  how I still have my 9-5 job where I work as a IT project officer and how I am a mother of a boisterous 16 months old toddler. I really just couldn’t say all that and be memorable. If only I had practiced my pitch and coordinated my thoughts right. Instead I gave out my personal complimentary card that read:

 Abisoye “Faari” Akinola

Curator * Personal Branding * Content

I immediately regretted my action of not making a memorable contact. This is definitely a   result of not completing the task of creating a very awesome elevator pitch for myself like I had written down on my to do list. But I have quickly learnt my lesson and I want to share how I am creating my elevator pitch, hence, next time I come prepared to be memorable:

Ask yourself the WHY!

I have read this over and over again. The father of WHY: Simon Sinek has told us all –  to always start with the why. People resonate with knowing the reason behind your brand.

Why do you get out of bed in the morning and why should anyone care?

What drives you to do the work you do?

What are the causes and beliefs that have helped shape you to do this kind of work?

Yes, more questions? Faari, you ask too many questions. I strongly believe when you ask yourself deep hard questions, you would strike the very essence of who you are.

Say it fast, make it Last

No need muttering under your voice to yourself. I know, I do that when I am nervous, so I am practicing daily in front of the mirror when I do my makeup. I have to make my elevator pitch memorable, precise, that’s why it’s an elevator pitch!

Be adaptive

One of my online mentors mentioned in one of his videos that his pitch is slightly different depending on who is asking.  Tailor your pitch to the audience.

You get the drift. Know your target audience or at least have an idea what they might need you for.

You can google how to create your elevator pitch, there are so many steps and examples that you can adapt to fit your projects, career or business. I would share with you my updated elevator pitch once I am done with it. It’s a work in progress, I am a work in progress too.

Be Deliberate

Don’t wait till you have your next networking gig and then stammer like I did! .

Yours in being deliberate,













Author: Abisoye “Faari” Akinola

Abisoye is an IT Professional and a Corporate Trainer by day, Mom & Wife on weekends and LinkedIn enthusiasts every other time.
She believes LinkedIn is the real deal to find and meet awesome professionals and thanks, Reid Hoffman for the Idea!
Your go-to girl when you need to brainstorm great ideas.
She helps bored mid-career professionals who need get to switch gear to the next level using personal branding and confidence as tools!
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