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Warning: Your ideas die every minute you don’t read this article!

Doing is best type of thinking

                                                     -Tom Chi

I attended a workshop on Rapid prototyping at the Microsoft Off last Friday.

Fantastic ambience, I didn’t regret a thing.

Has anyone been to the Microsoft Office at the Civic Towers in Victoria Island?

Geez, nice office space. Definitely promotes creativity!

Ok back to my post.

Rapid prototyping helps companies turn great ideas into successful products faster than ever before. And 3D printing makes it possible. It’s been used successfully in the manufacturing industry.

Although I missed a chance to see an actual 3D printer do its magic, the idea of rapid prototyping sank in as we discussed the model further and how we can apply this to different aspects of our lives: business and career alike.

Ok so how do you apply rapid prototyping to your life?

Simple: Get out of the “I have an idea stage”!

How many of us know that colleague or friend who is always having one great idea every time you meet, the  next time you see him and ask about it, his response is;

” Oh my idea, I am still thinking it through”.

Dear Friend, Wake up, Ideas are not tangible, doing is!

The solution: Rapid prototyping!

“As a tool, rapid prototyping shifts how teams approach research, design, and development by prioritizing the creation of a high volume of “quick and dirty” prototypes early on, getting those into the hands of users, and then iterating based on direct user feedback and observation.”

Get past the point of thinking to getting your hands dirty.

It doesn’t even have to be perfect the first time.

Do as you go, build as you go, it’s only when you do that you come across the challenges that you might encounter and proffer solutions to them ,then iterate till it becomes perfect. But hit the challenges first and get off the idea seat!

“Prototyping allows you to Maximize the Rate of learning by Minimizing the time to try ideas.”

                                                                                                       – Tom Chi

It’s similar to the ideology behind the statement : “Clarity comes from doing”

So instead of having ideas and have over analysis kill the idea before it even comes to fruition,  kick off with your idea!

Now I just get past the inertia and start to implement with all the resources available, thereby maximizing my rate of learning new things while minimizing the long period of wait to analyze my idea. I repeat the process as I learn along the way till have my desired product!

Although I have gotten my finger burnt too many times,surely but slowly am achieving progress !

What ideas would you apply rapid prototyping to in your life?

Share your comments below.










Author: Abisoye “Faari” Akinola

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