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Self discovery and Personal Branding

Self DIscovery and Personal Branding

Dear Friend,

Like I promised in my last post, I am going to share my new LinkedIn summary with you and trust me I had to do the work and a lot of soul searching. I read somewhere that the process of self-discovery involves asking a series of questions, always probing deeper until the underlying truth comes out, it’s hard but stick with it and find out what makes you tick.

It’s also the basis of creating your brand, like I said you can’t sell yourself if  you don’t know  who you are. With the feedback I was getting lots of people were finding it difficult to fill the worksheet so I decided to share mine with you to encourage you to do same

I also added a couple of the questions I asked in the last post from tips by William Arruda.

This is me being as vulnerable as possible.

Kindly note that I was answering these questions basically for my 9-5 work profile.

Setting the Scene
(answers to the workbook)
What do you want to accomplish?

Be a thought leader in infrastructure management, write about it, speak about it, teach people about it and how it works and how important it is.

Identify your uniqueness and value

Identify your uniqueness and value.  Distinction can be in the way you think, how you approach work, and your philosophies, style, web presence and career experience.

  • Am a gorgeous 6ft, incredibly intelligent, I am resourceful and have the gift of learning and of gab and am able to use it to get people to do what I want
  • I have strong believe in teamwork and what can be achieved by the power of teams
  • Integrity to me is very key, it’s a core for me
  • My style is minimalistic especially for websites.
  • I have an eye for aesthetics
What could you teach?
  • Infrastructure installation design and vendor management
What can you influence? Or what do you want to influence?
  • I can influence installation projects, design and vendor sourcing
What are the specific topics you want to talk about? And how do they relate?
  • IT Business solutions
  • IT infrastructures installations and design
  • Vendor Management and sourcing
  • Negotiations
  • Project management
Do the List
What are your accomplishments?
  • As team lead of the Data Centre Implementation project, I helped my company save redundant cost of maintenance of #12M per annum.
Your superpowers:

In a team, I am the glue, I am able to ensure follow through and settle conflicts with demeanor.

Facts, Figures and stats:

I have a gift of gab and pretty much discuss on almost any topic.


I have a penchant of getting lost online while constantly learning, thank God for apps like Pocket that allows me curate content and read later creating a roadmap to knowledge.


 1. Winning the Bid for the Design and implementation of MRS depot , LAN infrastructure even as an intern is one of my high points

2. Design, implementation of BUA group data center on a very slim budget

What do you want them to know about you?
  1. That I am intelligent resource, highly skilled in IT infrastructure management and I am constantly improving myself.
  2. A skilled negotiator as I have an inert skill of understanding where other people is coming from.
  3. A team player, witty person and love to motivate others.
What do I want them to do? My call for Action
  1. Employ me into their team
  2. Engage and maximize my skills by giving me responsibilities and in turn great pay and benefits to be treated as a relevant key team player
  3. Invite me to be part of exciting projects.
How do you want them to feel?
  1. Safe and trust that I (Abisoye) is a solution.
  2. That I create value and I am value

My dear friends, these are my answers and it’s my story. No two persons can have my identity and we need to celebrate our individuality and answer these questions. Your answers might not look as grand as any other person’s but it yours and what makes you different.

Putting it all together

So let’s do this.

Start with a bang, draw the reader in…I hear it takes 4 seconds for anyone to decide whether or not to take action. And then go off into storytelling .

It’s OK to be first person or Third person, the choice is yours but tell a story…

Do check my new linkedIn summary here:

It started with my very first internship wide eyed and eager for work experience, I was thrust into IT infrastructure service provisioning under the tutelage of my brilliant boss, Christopher Egharevba and I fell in love with it. I am told I still have a twinkle in my eye each time I speak about IT infrastructures and data centers.

 I am Abisoye Akinola. As an IT project officer, I manage IT infrastructure projects that forms the very core of business solutions provisioning in my organization. In addition, I am a firm believer that every business solution relies and leverages on how robust, available and scalable the physical layer is.

 Creating this ultimate scalable, redundant and robust infrastructure designs, top consideration has to be given to installation and then implementation processes. Being an end user myself, I possess a track record of achievements and keen ability to manage and work with teams to provide industry standard IT infrastructure solutions, I ensure that sourcing of service providers, installations and implementation are done properly throughout the life cycle of the project and beyond.


I am always open to exciting projects, good conversations and Networking.

Let’s connect!



IT sourcing, Project Management, Contracts and Procurement, Physical Layer implementation, Data Centre development, Structured Cabling (Data, Voice & UPS), Fibre Optic Backbone Cabling Access Control and Biometric Identification, Help Desk, Negotiations, IP Security Surveillance – CCTV

Linkedin is all about been found and making connections. The search engine for linkedIn makes use of some metrics to pull data and makes you visible when searched. Some of those metrics includes:

Completeness of your profile,
Profile picture; named, always name your picture before you upload them,
The amount of content you are churning out
And the most important; Keywords!!!

I have in my new summary highlighted my industry keywords and sprinkled the keywords in my summary.Hence, if someone searches for IT infrastructure management in Lagos Nigeria, the search engine for linkedin sees it as

“IT+infrastructure+management +Lagos”

and a couple of results come up with those words in it. I have strategically placed myself on the first page  and statistics prove that people don’t get past the first 5 items on the first page of a  search result.

I believe you can do this too .

My summary page isn’t perfect yet but I am past where it was before; ordinary and unmemorable. I am going to keep editing mine from time to time as I get feedback from the connections and profile views that I receive.

Try out making yours and and share the link in the comment below .I look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s get your personal branding game on…

Your Friend,


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Author: Abisoye “Faari” Akinola

Abisoye is an IT Professional and a Corporate Trainer by day, Mom & Wife on weekends and LinkedIn enthusiasts every other time.
She believes LinkedIn is the real deal to find and meet awesome professionals and thanks, Reid Hoffman for the Idea!
Your go-to girl when you need to brainstorm great ideas.
She helps bored mid-career professionals who need get to switch gear to the next level using personal branding and confidence as tools!
You can find sharing her daily wisdom on Instagram

4 thoughts on “Self discovery and Personal Branding

  1. Thank you so much for this piece..Am fresh software engineer/Web Developer, I have a brand am working on, trust me for a while now I don’t have content, I do think all day just to get something to start up with. I woke up with an email notification from jobberman exactly 3:40am and I saw your post about personal marketing and that’s how I was redirected to your personal website(you know how the internet game works “smiles”) I had literally read through most of your posts and is keeping me awake. Thanks for those questions and answers most especially the questions, it has widened my thoughts and gave me answers to get started. Wish I can connect with you.

    1. Hello Ebiote,
      Glad the questions kept you awake and inspire you!
      Now it’s about execution! Let’s get the work done- the world out there is waiting for your talent!
      I see you have taken the opportunity to use the complimentary discovery session, It was a great opportunity get the blinders off!

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