How to stomp like Trump!

So yes I got your attention right?

How many of you are following the presidential campaign for the United states of America?

Am not sure about the lessons of personal branding  to be learnt from Donald, however , I find the whole campaign interesting and fascinating, especially at the debates conducted within the parties for their candidates.

I noticed that  no matter how much the candidate was knowledgeable on a particular subject matter, if he or she couldn’t respond in a strategic way, he appeared unprepared and unsuitable and quite frankly that has led to some of the tantrums thrown on Live TV on these debates.

The secret to been prepared and knowledgeable when asked questions about your mandate or views on any topic for the politicians is the Stump Speech

What is a “Stump Speech?”

A  political campaign speech, especially one made on a campaign tour, a stump speech is a set of prepared remarks that a candidate uses over and over again during his or her campaign.

 Fantastic, we too as professionals can leverage the power of stump speeches for our personal brands to help us appear put together written and verbal status report when you have to present yourself and your brand on short notice.

I saw this in one article about personal branding on the CIO Review blog and I decided to share with you my own version based on a project I have recently been assigned to at work.

Set the frame The most important resource to any organization is the people and any organization with an intention to create a legacy would find a strategy around making the best use of its people.
Define the problem The problem however is that there is a gap in the skillsets of the people and most organizations although willing to make the best use of its people are not very sure where the problem lies.
Describe the solution The key to the problem is create a means to add these skills to its people because although it’s easy to acquire technically competent staff, the organization without a group of people who are aware of their own personal development in terms of soft skills such as ability to manage and work with different personalities, the ability to lead and be led etc. would eventually be set up for failure.
Explain the current status we have recently completed the first level of training the trainers hand-picked within organization, who have showed interest and high motivation to become facilitators within the organization.
Present the end state The pilot phase of training would be happening in one of our subsidiary and we would monitor the effects as it grows from there onwards. Pilot phase start this quarter.

You should try this out too…I hope this helps you to triumph in  your presentations and appear put together when next management  calls you up for an impromptu status update on your current project.

Have a fantastic week ahead.

Remember today is 17th May 2016, it’s half way  through the month of May.

Get working deliberately on your goals.

With doing comes clarity.

Yours in Deliberate Living,


Ps: Because i’m always on the lookout for apps that can make my life easier, I have decided to share my tips with you each time I write a post:

My Productivity tip for this week is the app called  Momentum , it replaces new tab page on your browser with a personal dashboard featuring todo, weather, and inspiration. ; I use google chrome and I find this app really useful and inspirational.

Check it out and tell me what you think!




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