Why I want to work with Ms Funke Opeke for a month without pay!

As a green eyed young IT student in search of women mentors in the IT industry,  I had dropped my unsolicited resume at Ms Funke Opeke’ s MainOne cable Company, The  story of a woman doing crazy feats in the industry resonated greatly with me at the time and even now. Although I did not fully grasp what they did, I just knew I wanted to be a part of it. Unfortunately, that did not happen and I moved on with life.

I would later come to experience the services of her company much later in my career while at BUA Group – one of Nigeria’s leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FCMGs) conglomerate in 2012, a company where I am still gainfully employed. At the time of entry, the company was undergoing a huge project – construction of its Tier 1 Datacenter for five of its subsidiaries located across the country.

To prove my mantel ,I was drafted to this project and I had fun with the team executing this project.  It was imperative the company had a reliable and accessible ISP provider. We had been on a particular brand from one of the old Telcos but we needed to scale higher.

A very good friend also in the same industry recommended Mainone and his comment were exactly like this:

I can slit my wrist for this company’s reputation.

Oh great!

It was at this same period that Mainone had re-strategized to start selling their products to organizations that were into re-selling or buying bulk

My team and I attended a sales/proposal meeting and we heard wonderful testimonials from already existing customers. It was our impression that they were merely sweet talking us.

Fortunately, when we finally came on board, the MainOne’s customer service in my opinion is the most exceptional service offering and even now three years later; we have not regretted our decision.

From my background, I had studied data centers and the tier levels existing. A tier-4 datacenter is a fully redundant, highly available datacenter. What that means in simple analogy is that the access to the information or data in that data center is four times more available irrespective of other environmental infrastructure failures, in this part of the world where we have a whole lot basic infrastructure issues, building and operating a fully redundant data center here in Nigeria is worthy achievement and Funke Opeke’ s MainOne Cable company has built one here!

I have searched and followed online with ardent interest all interviews done by Ms Opeke and from what I have gathered; I am quite enthralled to get a chance to see her at work.

My list of what I am curious about amongst other things:

I want to know what she had said to Mr Fola Adeola to convince him beyond doubt to stand with her in the realization of her crazy dream.

I want to know how she translates lacks in this economy to opportunities to create not just income but also social impact.

I want to know how she thinks and what gives her the permission to dream that big.

I want to know how such a brilliant leader shares her vision to her team and it trickles down to the buyers of the company’s product.

These are the reasons of my dream to work with this visionary leader!

We definitely need more Nation builder type business women like her!


Author: Abisoye “Faari” Akinola

Abisoye is an IT Professional and a Corporate Trainer by day, Mom & Wife on weekends and LinkedIn enthusiasts every other time.
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3 thoughts on “Why I want to work with Ms Funke Opeke for a month without pay!

  1. Nice one Faari.
    Funny how two years later, your position stays same while the company reputation soars.
    I reckon you had a blast with the internship back and I hope they find room to absorb you soon because faari competence and mainone service delivery is a great combo.

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