What is booming in your Eardrums

My mom is very old school. She doesn’t understand why we millennials always have earphones on. She can’t get it. I heard her complain again as I drove her home the other day from church. The driver of the other car who I was hooting at (Lagos driving style – hoot and drive) had an earphone on. She retorted in disgust; “Don’t bother; the silly boy has an ear phone on”

Making hand gestures to her ears, *Olorun ma je ke di ti…she spat out angrily as I drove past him

I laughed hard and then proceeded to explain to Mom that it was possible he wasn’t even listening to anything but was ready to pick a call if one came in. she huffed and said “Must you pick calls while driving?

As turned off into the Express, my thoughts drifted but then I asked myself- come, Faari, what do you really listen to? What booms in your eardrums? How many times a day do you have your earphones on?

I came up with this :

6am – 8am

Usually at this time am commuting to work: (my 9-5 job) trust Lagos traffic, when am not driving to work, I am listening to music on my phone. Something inspirational maybe because my mornings determine my day kind of so I am careful what I let in.

 9am -12pm

My most productive hours of the work day, so I have noticed. I find and listen to Podcasts on ANY topic am literally looking to learn more from. I discovered there are podcasts of any topic from “Technology” to “White house speeches”…whatever topic you need to learn from. Listening is fun and easy for me, I listen with my earphones plugged to my laptop while I get through with work at the office. It keeps me zoned out and focused on Monday mornings.

The rest of the say I am up and about mostly without any earphones in. I don’t do earphone and run around doing my job. I feel it’s rude when you know people might be speaking to you and you have an earphone plugged in, it’s almost like, I am walking down the hallway, don’t speak with me, I might as well be invisible. My opinion though.

7.45pm- till late and snoozing time

In the evening after my little chair has snoozed off, I might have my earphones plugged in again. This time on YouTube: watching videos. I try very hard not to mindlessly browse through but try to find hidden gems amidst s the lots on YouTube.

So what are you listening to?

As someone active in your career, listening can form a fun and easy way to learn without actually doing so much effort other than plugging in. Listening is actually a great exercise for the brain and it helps you stay sharp!

Worthy to note:

Please be careful to follow the rules of the volume of audio when you have your earphones on. Most devices warn you when you hit a certain mark about the effect of the volume. Please obey!

Also for better sound quality, take note of using the right piece into the right ear. Noticed some earphone are marked L and R. It actually affects the quality of the audio in your ear.




*(God forbid you go deaf)

Author: Abisoye “Faari” Akinola

Abisoye is an IT Professional and a Corporate Trainer by day, Mom & Wife on weekends and LinkedIn enthusiasts every other time.
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