Get Clarity on your career with your lowest hanging Fruit

In all my sessions with those that took advantage of my complimentary discovery session, one other thing was recurrent.

They all shared a certain level of knowing that they were not happy with their jobs and were overwhelmed with what next to do or how to go about it.

I have come to realize that reaching this point and talking through it is the most fulfilling and challenging part of our sessions.

Coming from a place where uncertainty, indecision and a healthy dose of procrastination was my life, I found that sharing the steps I took has been helpful to these awesome ones.

When you are able to at least know the next steps to take, you would be amazed the amount of creativity and direction that you can gather.

Which brings me to the concept of the Low hanging fruit:

A low-hanging fruit is a commonly used metaphor for doing the simplest or easiest work first or for a quick fix that produces ripe, delectable results.

It’s a similar concept to goal setting.

What is your monumental goal that would affect the other goals and produce results?

But I hear you say;

“But, I don’t know“

You are not sure what your goal should be.

It’s Ok but please answer this question.

What is the obvious thing right in front of you that you can get better at and you know deep down would help your career eventually?

Examples included:

  1. Writing a certification exam that you have longed and desired to have for quite a bit
  2. Learning a new skill that may or may not be related to work. Make sure you add a new skill.

On closing note, I recently saw a program, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Diamond challenge and I like their tag line.

“There’s a Challenger in you, just waiting to be released”

Today I urge you to push yourself to take a challenge today and “Pluck your low hanging fruit”, shine it and make it into a meal.

It’s ONLY then would you be ready for greater things ahead.

Its exactly 5 more Mondays to the end of the year 2016, you don’t have to dread another Monday morning, Let’s prepare for an exciting 2017 where you don’t feel invisible, undervalued or unchallenged in your career.

There are a few more slots for the complimentary discovery sessions, take advantage of the opportunity to get heard by someone who knows exactly how you feel…

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Author: Abisoye “Faari” Akinola

Abisoye is an IT Professional and a Corporate Trainer by day, Mom & Wife on weekends and LinkedIn enthusiasts every other time.
She believes LinkedIn is the real deal to find and meet awesome professionals and thanks, Reid Hoffman for the Idea!
Your go-to girl when you need to brainstorm great ideas.
She helps bored mid-career professionals who need get to switch gear to the next level using personal branding and confidence as tools!
You can find sharing her daily wisdom on Instagram

2 thoughts on “Get Clarity on your career with your lowest hanging Fruit

  1. Bisoye,

    Your write ups just help align my thought each time. Currently I know what to do but procrastination would let m great.

    I just have to make conscious effort and move by in 2017.

    So help me GOD!

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