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Career Success in your OWN terms – Actual DM conversations with Bay Simpson-Yussuff

Conversation with Bay Simpson Yussuff by Faari

Bayode Simspon Yusuf is one of the social media’s gifts to me in 2017. I can’t tell when we slide into each other’s DM’s but once we did, our conversations were always lit!  You might know her on Instagram with perfectly coordinated peach feed with great advice for 9-5 side hustlers like me. She goes by entrepreneurs nook…

Entrepreneursnook’s Peachy IG Feed.

One of our moments led to this very interesting conversation which even for me, put some kind of peace in my heart that it was OK to choose my own definition of success. This is our conversation no edits just raw!

Faari: As an experienced professional what are you thinking about this period?

This conversation was held in December 2017 in our direct message on Instagram

Bay: I just did my reviews and I am currently writing our plans for the year 2018. Management has given us a direction and now goals are due by Friday. The feedback from my boss was great. She gave me a verbal result of my review and told me my rating (like my grade) and I’m quite pleased with it.

Faari interjects; Oh ok because you have a great relationship?

Bay: Yeah, well, I won’t say great but good.  I am comfortable with her as she is with me. We get along well.

Faari: Any emotions about the new year with respect to work and your goals?

Bay: Emotions? Not really. There’s always a resolve to do better and get in more learning and development since the company pay for it.

Faari: Hmm, yeah, I get that…

Bay: Laughs: BUT am not trying to get a promotion at this time. I’m happy with where I am at since I have my entrepreneurial goals for the future.

Faari: Ok…

Bay: So I might not be answering the questions like the goal-getter you are seeking but at the same time, neither am I trying to be a slacker! I do my job, hit my goals and I still want raving reviews.

Faari:  So I broke down my content for 2018 to possible emotions experience professionals have on their jobs. So any emotions? As an experienced professional what are you thinking about this period?

Bay: OK, as per emotions:

  1. I have cried at work due to frustration of being new
  2. I have been happy towards the end of projects; such relief
  3. I have also faced difficult stakeholders…

Faari: Hmm, let us go back a little; why is that though, not looking for a promotion?

Bay: I actually took a pay cut when I took on my current role because I was ready to slow down and be able to balance my career and entrepreneurial pursuits. I also switched gears in my career, moving from Accounting to Business Analysis

Faari: so what informed the change of career? And how did you eventually achieve it?

Bay: I actually took the course to help me in my Accounting role and I discovered that I actually enjoyed Business Analysis more so I made the switch

Faari: How did you know what to choose? With all the possible routes you could have taken

Bay: I had just taken on a new position with additional responsibilities and I was ready to do anything to excel in my role. I enrolled for the Business Analysis course, I even joined Toastmasters to help me with public speaking. As the session went on, I discovered that I preferred Business Analysis to Accounting.

Faari: so you took a new role (business analysis) as a newbie? How did you convince them to trust you?

Bay: Well my previous role and experience prepared me for it. I started at an intermediate level. My resume shows that I had an accounting background but that projects I had worked on prepared me for a core business analysis role. I was able to transition into my first Business Analysis role and to subsequent ones without any issues.

Faari: I would need to interview you really…

Bay: This feels like an interview already. inserts laughs

Faari: This is content on its own.

Bay: Of course you have the full gist! You have asked very good questions, solid ones.

Faari: Awwh, Bayode of Life, thanks

Bay: Yes, you did, not trying to make your head swell – African way of telling you am not passing a lousy compliment.

Faari: Thank you again. For always following up with me, else I would be lost on his journey. It can be a tad overwhelming… following through I mean for overly excited creative people like me and I recognize that. My common sense is my husband!

By this statement, I am referring to Bay’s excellent skills of following up with ideas we come up with in our chats and how she pushes me to follow through mine as my coach.

Bay: Do you help with writing cv’s guiding people to write their CV’s?

Faari: I hate writing CVs. I thought I loved it but I have found that I didn’t enjoy it AT ALL!

Bay: Good you have your husband’s support – Referring to my statement about support.

Bay: Don’t get me wrong, I used to be very promotion/career focused. I’m not sure if I mentioned it, my mom used to say, slow down and work on getting into a stable relationship. Once, my direct boss was leaving the company, I convinced her boss that I could do the job. They promoted me and gave a raise. And even though it wasn’t a fantastic raise, I got a new title.

At this point in life, my heart beats for The Entrepreneur’s Nook and how I want to be a stay at home mom in the future because doing school runs while going to my 9-5 is not my lifelong dream.

Faari: So it’s ok to say that as an experienced professional, you are looking to find more meaning in your life?

Bay: Exactly! I am still in corporate and doing what I need to do to keep things going.

Faari: Thanks for reminding me. I started because I wanted other people who had lost their confidence on this journey to find a more fulfilling “personalized” career doing all they think they can do. That why I talk about personal branding.

Bay: Yup, very apt. And you would find a lot of folks like me who are on both the career track and mommy track.

Faari: See how you changed your career to something you love

Bay:  I enjoy it and definitely prefer Business Analysis to Accounting.

Faari: You would have been bored doing accounting

Bay: I earn a decent salary and my job provides me with the flexibility to work from home. So I’m more relaxed and can plan my life around work.

Faari: Sounds like what I was told by my Australian coach and friend

Bay: what did she tell you?

Faari: She asked me if my job was to pay the bills to fill a passion. And said it was OK to be either or both!

Bay: Passion is great. I’m thankful that it pays the bills in addition to great benefits

Faari: It liberated my soul because I felt complacent and outdated as an IT professional at one point. I hate routines but the pay was good!

Bay: I’m able to have my expenses for glasses and dental work covered by insurance I get from work and my husband who is an independent consultant is covered too so that’s definitely a win!

Faari: I so get that. My hubby worked as an independent contractor too for the first 4 years of our marriage, it was important that one of us had a steady income for a new family.

Bay: Yes, that’s our current situation.

Faari: Great conversation Bay. I want to put this kind of content out there. It’s more than just “update your LinkedIn”, “push yourself and writing great CV”

Bay: You’d see a lot of women will relate to it. It’s real life. I think your platform is very real and relevant to us.

Faari: This is what my brand promise is: real career conversation for experienced professionals. Thanks, Bay.

And of course, we go off into other more personal conversations not relevant to this.

There are salient points I took away from this discussion for me but I would like to know what resonates with you in our conversation as an experienced professional where you are right now on your journey.

Bay and I would like to hear from you.

Happy Holidays.



Author: Abisoye “Faari” Akinola

Abisoye is an IT Professional and a Corporate Trainer by day, Mom & Wife on weekends and LinkedIn enthusiasts every other time.
She believes LinkedIn is the real deal to find and meet awesome professionals and thanks, Reid Hoffman for the Idea!
Your go-to girl when you need to brainstorm great ideas.
She helps bored mid-career professionals who need get to switch gear to the next level using personal branding and confidence as tools!
You can find sharing her daily wisdom on Instagram

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