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Halo Effects of Showing Up

Last week I was seated in a meeting with an Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and a couple of top security personnel attached to the Presidency, we were rubbing minds.

It felt so surreal.

What am I doing here?

No, actually how did I get here should be the right question!

Beefers would say its fiction but it’s the truth. I actually was a villa visitor for about 90 minutes.
Evidence here:

So how did I get here?

Aso Villa Tag- Abisoye Faari Akinola
Aso Villa Tag- Abisoye Faari Akinola

It’s from work, yes my 9-5. My company is commissioning a Cement plant and a power plant. The Powerplant is first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa and it’s located in Sokoto, a state known for its rich deposits of Limestone but not endearing arid temperature and a beautiful Palace.

I am here because I am the heading the protocol team of the event and the Vice president has been gracious enough to agree to commission the plants and so we need to align our program with his protocol team.

I currently manage IT services for my organization, that is my role but Last week, I was acting in another capacity.

I got here because I raised my hands to help with the event, it is the second one am doing in the space of 8 months and I am gradually becoming the go-to-girl for management when they need someone to do these things.

Some colleagues on the corridors have referred to me as the committee queen.

It’s ok for me because it has helped me build equity with top management and the organization’s decision makers.
I actually enjoy the spotlight.
Before now that would have been a taboo for me to say but not anymore, I am liberating myself.

It has also gotten me some favours and it makes walking up to anyone on the management team and actually getting their attention to achieve something very simple. I see respect for my work and a halo effect that says if she can do this, then she is brilliant!

That for me cannot be bought in the market and isn’t gotten by sheer brilliance and hard work, it has a lot to do with showing up!

How are you showing up in your organization?

Raise your hands next time there is a chance to volunteer for something at work.
Be there.

Don’t just bury yourself in your corner.

Whether you do it or not, there are still whispers on the corridor.

Office cynics are ALWAYS present!

Enjoy your process.

I would never have visited the villa based on my current role in the organization.
Before you ask, has it paid my bills?
Well no, but it has added to the experiences that make me. I would at least have boasting rights in conversations with my friends. I love conversations by the way.
I intend to craft in my bio or resume that I handle organizations VIP events and have an excellent ability to work with top dignitaries and management.

Be that person you want today, push yourself into uncomfortable situations and strive to succeed at it.

Be confident and have faith in you because you bring value to the table!

See you around!

I hope you would raise your hands for the next big thing!

Author: Abisoye “Faari” Akinola

Abisoye is an IT Professional and a Corporate Trainer by day, Mom & Wife on weekends and LinkedIn enthusiasts every other time.
She believes LinkedIn is the real deal to find and meet awesome professionals and thanks, Reid Hoffman for the Idea!
Your go-to girl when you need to brainstorm great ideas.
She helps bored mid-career professionals who need get to switch gear to the next level using personal branding and confidence as tools!
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