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Is personal branding the same as what Nigerian refer to as packaging?

Developing Yourself for Career and Personal Growth With Faari Abisoye Akinola

A while back Princewill reached out to me to be the guest on Jobberman Facebook Live Series. I had done Facebook Lives before but this was to a very huge audience. It was nerve racking. we set up pretty early and started but the internet was just horrible. We went through with it but the comment showed we were not audible enough. Quick suggestion, lets do a video and that how we made this, with Princewill asking sporadic questions. Those were my on the spot answers. Honest as they came to my mind. Go through and share your thoughts. Excited to hear form you!

One thought on “Is personal branding the same as what Nigerian refer to as packaging?

  1. People often talk about wanting to improve their personal brand. You undoubtedly know what a business brand is we refer to brands regularly whenever we discuss influencer marketing. But you probably don bb t think much about having a brand yourself. The idea of personal branding is unusual to most people. But in this online era, where things, both good and bad, last forever on the internet, personal branding can be considered more important than ever.

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