A clearer view to the mess going on in your head

Get a fresh pair of eyes on your current situation. During the session, we get to the root of your myriads of thoughts on your career journey and how you should represent your authentic brand.

We uncover how to make use of your own story to leverage the opportunities you deserve, Personalized!

A systemic approach to gain control over your career

At the end of the session, we have developed a systemic approach to get unstuck in your career.

Design a simple enough system to create the career in your dreams.

Detailed Personalized Action Plan

You will get personalized attention from a career coach who will use impactful questions to best understand your career objectives and work toward meeting them. Imagine a mix guiding questions, thought partnership, and action steps to help you with what comes next.


How this Works?

Pre-Qualification Form

I would love to know you and your challenges a little better before we get to work

Am not in a hurry to take your hard earned money with a promise to help.

I need to be sure that we can build your dream career together.

Kindly fill this form to check if we are a right fit for each other!

If you are, I would personally reach out to you,

 I look forward to meeting you.

Review & Invoice

Once I review your details and we are the perfect fit,

By now, I am sure I must have made contact with you because I am too excited about the future that is possible.

I would send you an invoice.

Yes, It is a paid session.

This way, we both are making investments in the future!

NB: Only confirmed payments guarantee a session

Viola, Get ready for our time together.

To get ready for our awesome time together, you need the following:

Download the Zoom App- It is a virtual session

Prepare your thoughts mentally

Get your pen and Journal

Get a box of tissues...It is sometimes necessary

What other professionals like you say about the sessions

Finally, I testify!!!!

Faari, accept my apologies for sending this in rather late.

I took the discovery session because I was tired of my job. I had done for
over 10years and desperately needed a change. So I came to be encouraged &
emboldened to resign. LOL.

The discovery session with Faari wasn’t as I expected, it dug deep and
peeled off layers of issues holding me back.

I must confess I came out with much more than a clear vision for my job,
the tips I got is helping the way I handle, my marriage, kids, job and most
importantly me.

Faari, has helped me discover a happier & stronger version of my self.

I strongly recommend Faari, it’s deep detox, you come out WHOLE!!!

I strongly recommend Faari, it’s deep detox, you’d come out WHOLE!!! Snr Relationship Manager / A Nigerian Bank

“Speaking with Faari was simply a breath of fresh air. She gave me back the fire, focus and drive that I had lost in my career for the past couple of months. She helped me to see the opportunities I have all around me that I had not been maximizing.

She is definitely God sent

She is definitely God sent Clariss Owoyomi – "HR Executive"

I had been working at my job six years. I hate to admit it but during the last 2 years I became bored and uninspired. Each day was a drag. I looked for something to spark that interest in me… that fire!

Faari a came along and it was a refreshing experience working with her about my situation and aspirations for the future.

I found direction on what I could do to reposition myself within and outside my present place of work, how to draw strength from other sources other than my immediate self and environment.

You see when you take interest or notice others around you and empathize with them in their own challenging situation, there’s some unexplainable peace that radiates around you. It gives you a new perspective on life.

One thing I took away with the experience with Faari was I changed my way of representing myself; writing my resume and being deliberate about my LinkedIn profile – you know started networking more with influencers.

Now got a new role within the same company and seriously those last two years were a holiday!

She gave me my spark back! Yvonne Igbeka / Deputy Manager- Business Process Unit.

I had my first Session with Faari and must confess every bit of it, was worth it. She is an exceptional career coach as she has helped me reshape my thinking and communications in a better way and also where to focus my energy on finding meaningful solutions to difficult business/professional issues.

Faari is a genius!

At the end of the session, I felt more enlightened and powerful to face the new promising future.  I would recommend her any day any time.

Faari is a genius! Ahmed Shoyombo , Web Developer and CEO , Specs Interactive Solutions

She impacts ideas and information in such a way that gives someone clarity about how you can fulfil your purpose and be a happy person.

She helped me with this, when I had my session with her, as i feel so empowered to do that which was like fire burning inside of me.

Indeed she’s a gift to her generation.

Faari Akinola has an awesome gift ! Folake Bamisaye - Social Worker and Convener of the Inspiring Motherhood Group